Rushan city hualong biological technology co., LTD£¬Was established2012Years¡£Companies mainly engaged in peanut peptide¡¢Soybean peptides¡¢Corn peptide¡¢Collagen peptide active peptide research and development, etc¡¢Production and sales¡£
Company active peptide project total investment1.5One hundred million yuan£¬.now there200Tons¡¢1500Tons of protein peptide production line two¡£Production line equipment is made up of the United States¡¢Germany¡¢Japan and some domestic manufacturer of high-end custom-made£¬Can realize the stable and efficient production of all kinds of protein peptide£¬Is the active peptide in size in production in China¡¢The process of the leading enterprises¡£
A company with r&d center£¬Building area of1000Square meters of research and development center£¬With high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)¡¢Amino acid analyzer¡¢Ultraviolet fluorescence photometer¡¢Near infrared detector¡¢Atomic absorption spectroscopy¡¢Atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer and other advanced scientific instruments of instruments and equipment60Óą̀£¨Sets£©¡£The accumulative total investment800More than ten thousand yuan¡£......

      For the record£ºLuICPTo prepare19004674Number           Technical support£ºRushan mountain hotline